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Understand citizen journeys in the justice system to better capture insight and optimize simpler, more responsive processes.
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Securely report and amend dispositions in compliance with state statutes, provisions and protocols with knowledge of Driver Control and citizen actions to understand the complete handling of a case.


Gain advantage with audits and tracking to verify driver profiles, identify non-compliance and regulatory issues with the state that affect cases, and understand how to fix report failures.


Support case presentations with real-time discovery of driver histories and have direct access and communication with the State and other compact entities for interoperable response.

To create an end-to-end justice process that includes not only the municipal court recognition of violations and dispositions but the State's role in certifying records or taking action against a license goes beyond sending records or exchanging data. When you distribute information, especially with specific outcomes toward justice, you need to embed critical information with encryption as well provide the methods for processing that information. It's all about communication and interaction.
— Cathy Ernst


Support your cases, ensure certification of dispositions and garner action against violators that are non-compliant with penalties and fines.

Interoperability provides you the opportunity to perform judicial processes between agencies with adherence to quality standards of law; all while being equitable and reliable. And for those citizens that ordinances affect, a court needs to be highly responsive. To achieve this takes an extension of resources and working together between departments and entities — to gain collective intelligence and move forward action with good results.

Discovery and disposition compliance reporting are the means to ensuring the court’s findings and ordinances are upheld.

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Stop working in isolation. Securely communicate, collaborate and coordinate remotely.

  • Perform compliance reporting to the State with the capability to submit citation reports, disclose dispositions, amend charges, clear outstanding judgments and follow audit trials of specific records as processed by the State.
  • Utilize intelligent network resources from state agencies, compact states and municipalities to provide up-to-date, concise and complete driver histories and discovery support.
  • Strengthen data integrity and accountability measures through data verification, comparatives and cross-referencing to avoid identity fraud or inaccuracies in data.
  • Have your municipal statutes and violations translated and interpreted into state provisions and codes to ensure compliance.
  • Get direct assistance and communication with Driver Control to understand state protocols, record management and handling, error reports and necessary compliance measures.
  • Curate and analyze large volumes of data immediately to identify precise insight, and receive relative data in context to your need without the complexity.
  • Maximize your technology capabilities without a prohibitive budget toward hardware and software, regardless of the size of your town or city, with automation of critical reporting processes and online remote access to data.
  • Encode and decode shared information, disposition reporting and amendments in real-time using the next-generation of high-level encryption security.